Improved vertical transportation for all site staff

Yo-Yo app is in development


What is YoYo?

YoYo is a web and mobile app that provides site staff with real-time hoist elevator location and alert features, helping to reducing wait times and improving efficiency and logistics in vertical transportation. YoYo is currently being tested at 250 South Street.

Can I use YoYo?

Yes! YoYo is still in development, however, we welcome you to use the app in its current state of development to gauge and take advantage of its value, and to provide feedback. To find out if you are eligible to take part in testing, signup and Tess Williams will be notified.

How do I access the app?

YoYo is currently a web app (and not yet available as true mobile app). As such, we suggest you bookmark the YoYo login web page to your phone's home screen. This will place a YoYo app icon on your phone which you can click on to quickly and easily open the app.

Bookmarking the app in Safari

If you are using iOS/Safari, go to and click ´Log into the App’. Once you see the login screen, click the share icon at the bottom of your phone (shown as an arrow pointing away from a square) and then click ‘Add to Home Screen’.

Bookmarking the app in Chrome

If you are using Android/Chrome, go to and click the ´Log into the App’ button. Once you see the login screen, press the menu key (shown as 3 dots), then select ‘More’ followed by 'Add shortcut to Home Screen'.

How do I provide feedback?

You can provide feedback on the features and value of the app, together with comments and suggestions of features you think would be useful to have, by clicking on the ‘Provide Feedback’ link, found in the footer section of landing page.

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